Top Tips for Healthy Hair

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Luscious locks. Flowing tresses. Who doesn’t want to have a full head of shiny hair? Our culture certainly gives us the message that beautiful hair symbolizes youth and beauty.  However, particularly as we age, many of us find that the soft, full hair we may have taken for granted in our younger days starts to […]

The Benefits of a Digital Detox

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Have you ever felt slightly panicked when you’re separated from your phone? Do you know how many hours a day you spend on your digital devices? Do you feel your online activities have a positive effect on your overall well being? Those are all important questions. And another to consider: Does doing a digital detox […]

Infertility: An Integrative Approach

Fertility. It’s something we often take for granted when we’re planning our lives. In fact, many women spend a lot of money and effort in preventing pregnancy until the timing is right for conception. However, even when the timing is right, our bodies don’t always cooperate. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in infertility. […]

Reduce Environmental Pollution In Your Home

Is your home affecting your health? If you avoid obvious pollutants like cigarette smoke, you may be pretty certain your home is not toxic. And if you clean regularly, you might even be slightly offended by the suggestion! However, indoor pollutants are much more common than many people realize. The sources of many pollutants are […]

Let’s talk about sex.

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Is your sex life not what you thought it would be? Does the thought alone make you tired? Many people find their interest in lovemaking naturally drops with age. And the stress of daily life is enough to put anyone in a rut in the bedroom at times. Changing bodies can mean self-confidence takes a […]

Happiness Checklist: Are You as Happy as You Want to Be?

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Are you happy? It might be a simple question, but for many people, happiness feels like an impossible goal to reach. In fact, studies show that only about one in three people consistently identify as “happy.”  If that seems a bit depressing, rest easy. The steps to living a happier life are easier than you […]

Fight Seasonal Allergies from the Inside Out

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Natural Solutions for Spring Allergies Sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, headache, sinus pain and pressure, and increased asthma symptoms – the symptoms of Spring and Fall allergies are the same, but the causes are different. If you thought you were safe from these symptoms because you didn’t have them in the Fall think […]

When does a miscarriage end?

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By: Dr. Sue Love ND When does a miscarriage end? I was completely floored when during my second pregnancy I was told at 9 weeks, that the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks. I know this news would be difficult for anyone, but I didn’t realize how difficult it was for me until I […]

Is Weight Affected by Insulin Resistance?

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You do everything “right.” Somehow, however, those stubborn extra pounds won’t leave. And worse, they seem to have shifted to your midsection. What happened to your shape? You can be eating healthy and still struggle with weight.  For women, it’s easy to blame slowing weight loss on the hormonal shifts that come with age, but […]

Let’s talk about poop, Baby!

Did you just cringe a bit? Let’s face it, potty-shop-talk isn’t anybody’s favourite topic. Nonetheless, our bowel movements hold valuable clues to our overall health. But these signs are often ignored because most of us are a bit uncomfortable talking about them – even to our healthcare providers. Your Appointment is a Judgement-Free Zone Keep […]