Is Weight Affected by Insulin Resistance?

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You do everything “right.” Somehow, however, those stubborn extra pounds won’t leave. And worse, they seem to have shifted to your midsection. What happened to your shape? You can be eating healthy and still struggle with weight.  For women, it’s easy to blame slowing weight loss on the hormonal shifts that come with age, but […]

B Vitamins: Are You Getting Enough?

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B vitamins are sometimes called the energy vitamins, since they help put a spring in your step and play an important role in maintaining your energy levels. (In fact, they play such a key role that perhaps they should also be called the “Brisk, Bouncy, and Bright” vitamins)  In actuality, there are eight different kinds […]

5 Natural Ways to Improve Cognitive Health

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Should you be concerned about your cognitive health? Consider these facts: ● Dementia affects between five and eight percent of adults over 60. As the average age of the population rises, that could add up to an astounding 150 million people with dementia worldwide by 2050. ● Dementia is more complex than most people realize. […]

The Effectiveness of Orthotics

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By Dr. Aliya Visram DC Think of your feet as the foundation of your whole body, similar to the foundation of a house. Your feet support the weight of everything above them. If the foundation is cracked or unstable in any way this could affect the structure all the way up! The primary goal of […]

3 Things I Wish I Had Known as a New Runner

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by Dr. Aliya (chiropractor, acupuncture provider, yoga instructor and running enthusiast!) This year I celebrated my 10 years of running anniversary! 10 years of countless early morning or late evening runs, heaps of races and a handful of injuries. As I look back over the the last 10 years, there are things I wouldn’t change […]

Spine Strengthening with the Locust Pose

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By:  Dr. Aliya Visram DC, Bikram Yoga Instructor Full expression of this posture (see picture below) may mimic a locust at rest, however there really isn’t anything “restful” about this pose.  For yogis, this pose encourages mental focus and determination as well as upper and lower back strength and core stability.  It also helps to […]

Spine Strengthening with Yoga

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By: Dr. Aliya Visram, DC If you are a Bikram Yoga practitioner, you know what I mean when I say “Spine Strengthening Series”. However, for the non-Bikram Yogis, here’s a recap. The Spine Strengthening Series is part of Bikram’s Beginning (Hatha) Yoga Series and includes the following postures (or asanas): 1. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) 2. […]

Massage – Not Just for the Ladies

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Natalie Amell RMT Massage isn’t just for the ladies.   Many of my female clients lament that their husbands really need a treatment but are reluctant to book.  Being both a Massage Therapist and female, I don’t get it, but trust me guys, EVERYONE needs a massage. Massage Therapy is used by elite athletes to help […]

Running Tips for the Fall Season

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By: Dr. Aliya Visram DC Many people will be taking part in the Terry Fox Run this week and continue running during the fall season. Thanks to cooler temperatures and pretty fall colours it’s easy to fall in love with fall! Whether you’re a casual runner or a competitive racer, use these training tips to […]

Backpack Health

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By:  Natalie Amell RMT Back to school time is almost here. The last thing you think about as a kid (or even as an adult student) is probably your posture, but thinking about it now can save you headaches in the future – literally. Why headaches? We call them Trigger Point referrals. A Trigger Point […]