Top Tips for Healthy Hair

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Luscious locks. Flowing tresses. Who doesn’t want to have a full head of shiny hair? Our culture certainly gives us the message that beautiful hair symbolizes youth and beauty.  However, particularly as we age, many of us find that the soft, full hair we may have taken for granted in our younger days starts to […]

Infertility: An Integrative Approach

Fertility. It’s something we often take for granted when we’re planning our lives. In fact, many women spend a lot of money and effort in preventing pregnancy until the timing is right for conception. However, even when the timing is right, our bodies don’t always cooperate. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in infertility. […]

Let’s talk about sex.

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Is your sex life not what you thought it would be? Does the thought alone make you tired? Many people find their interest in lovemaking naturally drops with age. And the stress of daily life is enough to put anyone in a rut in the bedroom at times. Changing bodies can mean self-confidence takes a […]

Fight Seasonal Allergies from the Inside Out

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Natural Solutions for Spring Allergies Sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, headache, sinus pain and pressure, and increased asthma symptoms – the symptoms of Spring and Fall allergies are the same, but the causes are different. If you thought you were safe from these symptoms because you didn’t have them in the Fall think […]

Is Weight Affected by Insulin Resistance?

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You do everything “right.” Somehow, however, those stubborn extra pounds won’t leave. And worse, they seem to have shifted to your midsection. What happened to your shape? You can be eating healthy and still struggle with weight.  For women, it’s easy to blame slowing weight loss on the hormonal shifts that come with age, but […]

B Vitamins: Are You Getting Enough?

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B vitamins are sometimes called the energy vitamins, since they help put a spring in your step and play an important role in maintaining your energy levels. (In fact, they play such a key role that perhaps they should also be called the “Brisk, Bouncy, and Bright” vitamins)  In actuality, there are eight different kinds […]

5 Natural Ways to Improve Cognitive Health

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Should you be concerned about your cognitive health? Consider these facts: ● Dementia affects between five and eight percent of adults over 60. As the average age of the population rises, that could add up to an astounding 150 million people with dementia worldwide by 2050. ● Dementia is more complex than most people realize. […]

The Effectiveness of Orthotics

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By Dr. Aliya Visram DC Think of your feet as the foundation of your whole body, similar to the foundation of a house. Your feet support the weight of everything above them. If the foundation is cracked or unstable in any way this could affect the structure all the way up! The primary goal of […]

3 Things I Wish I Had Known as a New Runner

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by Dr. Aliya (chiropractor, acupuncture provider, yoga instructor and running enthusiast!) This year I celebrated my 10 years of running anniversary! 10 years of countless early morning or late evening runs, heaps of races and a handful of injuries. As I look back over the the last 10 years, there are things I wouldn’t change […]

Spine Strengthening with the Locust Pose

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By:  Dr. Aliya Visram DC, Bikram Yoga Instructor Full expression of this posture (see picture below) may mimic a locust at rest, however there really isn’t anything “restful” about this pose.  For yogis, this pose encourages mental focus and determination as well as upper and lower back strength and core stability.  It also helps to […]