Naturopathic Doctors and Co-Founders of Restore

Dr. Sue Love ND            Dr. Sapna Patel Flower ND

Sue Love, ND    Sapna Patel Flower ND



Dr. Aliya Visram DC   Dr. Daniel Corallo DC

Aliya Visram, DC   Dr. Daniel Corallo DC 

Registered Massage Therapist

Winnie Fung RMT  and Derek Clement (RMT)


Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Laetitia Mauny D.O.F (France)

Laetitia Mauny


Kim Phillips, RP Sharon Girgis

To Book With Kim:

You may contact Kim directly to make an appointment at 416.804.0841 or

To Book With Sharon:  

Please contact the clinic and we’d be happy to help you book your appointment

Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Juliet Donald C. Psych, Clinical Psychologist