Injury Prevention for Weekend Warriors

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By:  Dr. Aliya Visram DC
Summer means breaking out those in-line skates, getting on that bike, going for that jog and making the most out of the warm summer days in our beautiful city! But before you come out of hibernation, we need to cover some basics. Yes, I’m talking to you – the Weekend Warrior! The busy bees that work all week and play hard on the weekend to make up for all that desk jockeying.

Here are some tips to make Monday morning less painful:

Wear and use proper gear for your sport including helmets, pads, shoes, sunglasses, gloves and layered clothing where appropriate. Don’t forget sunscreen either.
Warm up slowly before activity. This is especially important for sports that require quick, dynamic movements such as basketball, ball hockey and soccer.
Include a quick post-activity cool down and stretch.
Always use proper body mechanics in sports involving repetitive stress to the upper extremities (tennis, baseball and golf). If necessary, get some skills training from a coach, instructor or health practitioner.
Listen to your body. Pain is a warning sign of injury! Avoid playing through the pain in the hope that it will subside.
Cross train for overall conditioning and balance your training with rest to avoid overuse injuries.
See a health practitioner when symptoms persist!

So, Weekend Warrior, using these easy tips will help you avoid the ouchies and keep you focused on your game!